10 Reasons to Stan A.C.E.

A.C.E is a rookie group that debuted on May 22, 2017. With five members: Jun, Wow, Jason, Donghun, and Chan, they dominated the comeback stages with their single Cactus. They have just announced their comeback and fans could not be more hyped! Here are 10 reasons to stan A.C.E.!

1. The short shorts!

For their performance outfits, they wore a variety of different short shorts!

2. They did dance covers to big Kpop names.

Before debut the filmed different dance covers to Kpop groups like BTS:


And Seventeen:

3. They have amazing singing and rapping abilities.

Here’s one of their vocal covers of Blackpink’s Stay and John Legend’s All Of Me.

4. They are all about busking.

Before and after debut, busking has been something these boys do well. Check out their zombie project that they choreographed themselves:

And look at them busking with their song Cactus:

5. They broke a record before debut

They broke the record of having the most YouTube subscribers to a trainee group.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 6.36.07 PM

6. They take so many pictures together

They are truly a group that enjoys spending time together.

7. They recreated their song Cactus in English

Because so many of their fans speak English, they decided to sing Cactus in English!

8. They have pet cacti

Now how can anyone not find this adorable?


9. They look amazing in photo shoots

There are no words. Just check out these amazing photos.

10. They just announced their comeback!

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My Favorite KPOP Songs

(links to Spotify)

For my whole playlist: Click Here!

Silver Spoon – BTS

BAE BAE – BigBang

ZUTTER – GD & T.O.P. (BigBang)

Not Today – BTS

Intro: Boy Meets Evil – BTS

Butterfly – BTS

Awake – BTS

All I Wanna Do – Jay Park


Monster – EXO

Up & Down – EXID

Ice cream cake – Red Velvet

Ah yeah – EXID

Lucky One – EXO

Hate – 4 Minute

Sober – BigBang

Hero – Monsta X


One of a Kind – G-DRAGON

Overdose – EXO

Follow me – Topp Dogg

BTS Cypher PT.3: Killer

Boys and Girls – Zico

Toy – Block B

Chained up – VIXX

Cherry Bomb – NCT 127

Me Like Yuh – Jay Park

The Eve – EXO

Black Out – VIXX

Fantasy – VIXX

Desperate – VIXX

Dynamite – VIXX

Don’t Wanna Cry – Seventeen

Swimming Fool – Seventeen

HIGHLIGHT – Seventeen

Fronting – Seventeen

OMG – Seventeen

Q&A – Seventeen

ToDay – JJCC

Where you at – JJCC

Insomnia – JJCC


Baby Baby – WINNER

Her – Block B

Yesterday – Block B

Mental Breaker – Block B

Stuck – Monsta X

RUSH – Monsta X

So, Dangerous – UP10TION

OMGT – Madtown

Energetic – Wanna One

Artist – Zico

(Untitled, 2014) – G-DRAGON

Yacht (K) – Jay Park

Shake it – SISTAR


Going Crazy – EXO (Chinese version)

The 7th Sense – NCT U

Fire truck – NCT 127

0 Mile – NCT 127

Make it Rain – BASTARZ (Block B)

Press your number – Taemin (Shinee)

I am you, you are me – Zico

Young & Free – Xiumin (EXO) & Mark (NCT)

Eat – Zion.T

Beautiful Liar – VIXX LR

1 of 1 – Shinee

View – Shinee

Sherlock – Shinee

Paradise Lost – Galn


Strange – MASC

Tina – MASC


Eureka – Zico

Who you? – Simon D, ONE, G2, Be Why

Dumb & Dumber – iKON

Bomb – Ravi

Trick or Treat – Grace

Okey dokey – Mino, Zico

Power – EXO


No Mercy – B.A.P (Japanese version)

Please, if you have a favorite song not listed, let me know!



I will start with the original 5…
Let's start with the oldest

Here are some facts on this Goddess….

Right now he is currently serving his time in the military. He just entered. 🇰🇷
He was born 1987 in Busan but grew up in Gimsae.
Specialty: impersonating Simon D.
He eats the most compared to the other members.🍱 He loves all food
Hobby: fashion design 👗
He is an only child. 👶🏻
His ideal type: he just knows when he likes someone.

NEXT is Simba
Our lonely lion 🦁 leader

Some facts on this crazy guy….

He was born 1992 in Gyeonggi, Suwon, Korea
He speaks Korean and Japanese
He has an older sister and a younger brother
Favorite food: chocolate 🍫
Hobby: photography 📷
Specialty: acting 🎭
His ideal type: Petite girls that he can protect.

NEXT is Eddy
Adorable shorty

Here are some facts on this aegyo king 👑

He was born 1990 in Los Angeles, California.
Has a younger sister.
He speaks Korean and English.
He is the best cook out of the members.
He was on MasterChef Korea in 2012.
Hobbies: cooking 👨‍🍳 , Playing Soccer ⚽️, camping ⛺️, and doing stunts 🤸🏻‍♂️
Favorite food: Mexican 🇲🇽, Japanese 🇯🇵, and Italian 🇮🇹
Specialty: martial arts 🥋
His ideal type: outgoing, sporty, someone who isn't afraid to get sweaty.

NEXT is Prince Mak
Yes it's his real name.

Some facts on this Australian Chinese Prince…(pun)

He was born 1990 in Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺
He has an older sister and a younger brother.
He speaks English, Chinese, and Korean.
He can play piano, bass, and guitar 🎸
Favorite food: Korean fried chicken 🍗, Japanese ramen 🍜, and Vietnamese pho 🍲.
Hobbies: dancing 💃🏼, beatboxing, playing guitar 🎸, wrestling 🤼‍♀️, and martial arts 🥋.
He is currently on hiatus, he is signed with emperor entertainment group Beijing pursuing a solo career and just starred in a new movie 🎥. He did confirm that he was still apart of JJCC December 2016. (Still not sure what's going on there.)
Ideal type: girls with short hair.

And the last original member..
SanCheong! Mr. Maknae…

Here are some facts on this flexible dork…

He was born 1993 in Daegu, Korea.
His nickname is sloth.
Only child 👶🏻
He speaks Korean and English.
Hobbies: watching movies 🎥, acting 🎭, and sleeping 😴. Aka: sloth
Favorite food: meat 🍖
He is the messiest out of the members.
Participant in Produce 101 season 2.
Ideal type: long-haired girls who are pretty when they smile.

Now with the members who made a great addition to JJCC!

FIRST is Zica
Cutie tattoo guy.

Some facts on this Cinnamon roll…

Real name: Dae Hwan/대 흰
Lead vocal and rapper
Height: 183
Weight: 63
He was born April 17, 1992 in Gwangju, Korea.
He speaks Korean and English.
Hobbies: listening to music 🎶 and traveling 🗺.
He has a dog named Hoca.
Can beatbox.
His nickname is roundie.
Former member of ATO

AND now Yul
Love him. Feed him..

Some facts about this cuddly guy….

Real Name: Kim Chanyul/김찬율
Vocal and visual
Height: 186
Weight: 66
He was born February 27, 1992 in Gwangji, Korea.
Hobbies: weight training🏋🏻, listening to music 🎶, photography 📸, and watching movies 🎥.
Specialty: snowboarding 🏂
Former member of ATO
He is a participant of Produce 101 season 2.

They are Jackie Chan's idol group!

Now here are some things you should watch…
Them with their pets
Let's Dance: Fire
Let's Dance: Where you at
JJCC fighter: Eddy's revenge
Take 1: ep.5 intro to The pets
Take 1: ep.9 what are you doing?

At First
BingBingBing (one way)
On The Flower Bed
Where You At
*SKIPTRACE WITH JACKIE CHAN* (idk if they sing)


A.C.E: Ready for Debut!

One amazing group is about to make their debut May 24, 2017, A.C.E.!

They have released their Teaser MV for ‘Cactus‘ which shows beautiful cinematography and color choices. They also released their Logo teaser which shows off creativity and their exact debut time.

A.C.E is a five member boy idol group that already has quite the following because of their song and dance covers. They are under Beat Interactive with the stage names:

Jun (leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer)

Donghun (main vocalist),

WOW (main dancer, rapper, vocalist),

(main dancer, rapper, vocalist),

and Chan (main vocalist, Maknae).

Their fandom name is Choice. Which was announced via Tweeter on May 22.

They have been working hard on covering dances and singing covers of other artists. Their dedication gives fans an idea of how much harder they have been working on their debut. Check out their cover of ‘Last Dance by BigBang And their dance cover of Seventeen’s ‘Adore U‘. When you watch their videos you see the talent they have and it raises anticipation for their debut.

If you want to check them out for yourself look them up on YouTube, A.C.E official. They already have 161k followers on their YouTube channel alone. They are a group that deserves your attention.
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