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Acne & Scar Care [UPDATE 1]

I wrote about my acne and acne scars a couple days ago. I was trying to find ways to treat them so that I could have a clearer face and better skin. So I started the Korean skincare and started two home remedies. The first is lemon, where you squeeze lemon juice into a container, then use your fingers or a cotton swab to rub the juice directly onto your blemishes. I prefer using a cotton swab and putting it all over my face. I find that by putting the lemon juice all over my face instead of just the blemishes, it tightens my pores and prevents any more acne flare-ups. I also put the juice in other places where my acne comes from, like my back and chest areas.

These pictures are after one treatment and skipping a day.

These are pictures from right after I applied the lemon treatment.

I sat and did other things while I waited for my time to be up. The article said to leave it on for 10 min but I left it on for 30. If you have more sensitive skin that doesn’t really take acids well, I suggest sticking to 10 minutes or less. If you can’t tolerate acids at all without getting irritation or even a rash, I suggest going for another treatment that involves coconut oil. I am also doing the coconut treatment because I tend to have drier skin and the oil treatment softens my skin. I also got my roommate to try the coconut oil treatment because she also struggles with acne and scaring but she is sensitive to acids.

After my 30 minutes where up, I took a washcloth, wet it down with warm water, and wiped off the lemon juice. Then I started on the coconut treatment. I put a scoop of coconut oil in a glass cup and microwaved it for 30 seconds. I applied the oil all over my face, chest, and back. I continuously rubbed it in for 10 minutes straight. After the 10 minutes, I decided to put some in my hair as well. I waited an hour after applying to take a shower. Once I was done, I put on a peel-off facemask, then toned my skin, put on snail essence, and face lotion.

This is how my face looked after that.

Ill put before and after pictures side by side.

I think my face has improved. If you try this out, let me know how it works for you in the comments!

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