The Truth about Hate Groups

Since the terrible events in Charlottesville, hate groups have been the talk of the news. They give statistics on hate groups growth in the states and report numbers of groups in total. What they do is take the stats as a whole and zoom into the parts that make their story. What I want to do is share the entire facts.

Let’s start with listing the hate groups that are active today:

  • Ku Klux Klan– black Americans are usually primarily their target, they also attacked Jews, immigrants, homosexuals, and Catholics
  • Neo-Nazi– the Jews are their cardinal enemy but they also hate other minorities, homosexuals, and even Christians.
  • White nationalists– believe that all other races are inferior to the white race. Ku Klux Klan, neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi, racist Skinhead, and Christian Identity can also be described as white nationalists.
  • Racist skinhead– Skinheads are migratory and often not affiliated with groups. They are the violent element of the white supremacist movement.
  • Christian Identity– they are fundamentally racist and anti-Semitic. They believe Jews descended from Satan and non- whites are seen as soulless “mud-people.” Neo-Nazi Aryan Nations and several Klan groups share the same beliefs.
  • Neo-confederate– they want to revive many of the racist principles of the antebellum south.
  • Black separatist– strongly anti-white and anti-Semitic. Oppose integration and interracial marriage, and want separate institutions or a separate nation for blacks.
  • Anti-LGBT– “Anti-LGBT groups engage in crude name-calling and disseminate disparaging propaganda and falsehoods about this population, such as the claim that gay men molest children at vastly higher rates than straight men.”
  • Anti-Muslim– Anti-Muslim groups exhibit extreme hostility towards Muslims and believe Islam’s followers have an inherent set of negative traits.
  • General hate– “These organizations are subdivided into anti-immigrant, hate music, Holocaust denial, and radical traditional Catholic groups”

Now that they have been listed and given a short description, I’ll give you facts provided by Southern Poverty Law Center. All facts are from 2016.

There were 130 ku klux klan groups nationwide in 2016. This number of groups have actually decreased since 2015 from 190. They estimate 5,000 and 8,000 Klan members are spread out nationwide.

There were 99 neo-nazi groups nationwide in 2016. The most visible neo-nazi group is the national alliance and was lead by William Pierce until he passed away.

There was 100 white nationalist groups nationwide in 2016. The groups can range from ones who use racial slurs and calls for violence to ones that present themselves as serious, non-violent, and academically sound. “the largest white nationalist group in America has been the Council of Conservative Citizens”

There were 78 racist skinhead groups nationwide in 2016. This number has decreased since 2012 from 138 groups. Here are someone the things skin heads have done: “In November 1988, three skinheads in Portland, Ore., beat an Ethiopian student named Mulugeta Seraw to death with baseball bats. In April 1999, a Mexican immigrant named Irineo Soto Aguilar was murdered in Lakeside, Calif., by three skinheads who crushed his skull with chunks of concrete. In October 2007, a skinhead strangled a 62-year-old gay man in Oklahoma City as a rite of passage in his gang.”

There were 21 Christian identity groups nationwide in 2016. This number has slightly increased from 19 groups from 2015 but has decreased from 55 groups from 2011. Even though it’s nominally Christian, it owes little to even the most conservative Protestants. Their interaction with Christians is hostile.

43 neo-confederate groups were documented nationwide in 2016. This number has increased slowly from 30 groups in 2012. They incorporate traditional gender roles, are hostile towards democracy, strongly against homosexuality, favors segregation and suggests white supremacy.

In 2016, 193 black separatist groups were documented nationwide. This number has risen considerably from 113 in 2014. “a number of religious versions assert that blacks — not Jews — are the Biblical “chosen people” of God.””Although the Southern Poverty Law Center recognizes that much black racism in America is, at least in part, a response to centuries of white racism, it believes racism must be exposed in all its forms.””if we seek to expose white hate groups, we cannot be in the business of explaining away the black ones.” It applies to all groups regardless of color. The biggest example is the group Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan.

There have been 101 anti-LGBT groups documented nationwide in 2016. They believed that “the LGBT rights movement and its so-called “homosexual agenda” are the prime culprits in the destruction of American society and culture.” “Many of its leaders have engaged in the crudest type of name-calling, describing LGBT people as “perverts” with “filthy habits” who seek to snatch the children of straight parents and “convert” them to gay sex.”

In 2016, 101 anti-Muslim groups were documented nationwide. This number has risen dramatically from 34 known groups in 2015. “Muslims are depicted as irrational, intolerant and violent, and their faith is frequently depicted as sanctioning pedophilia, coupled with intolerance for homosexuals and women.”

There were 100 documented general hate groups nationwide in 2016. “This list includes a “Jewish” group that is rabidly anti-Arab, a “Christian” group that is anti-Catholic and a polygamous “Mormon” breakaway sect that is racist.”

Looking at facts, their are more black separatist groups then any other group, but when combined, there are 471 groups nationwide that are against very race besides whites. There are 664 groups whom are anti-Semitic (against Jews). There are 551 groups against homosexuals. There are 917 groups in total.

I can’t tell you what to take from this information but I do encourage that you reflect of it. I will say that violence of any kind is not okay. Combating hate and racism is through education and being everything these groups say we are not. We change the lack of equality buy treating everyone around you as equal. No matter what they look like, the color of their skin, and the religion they have.

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