I’m lonely.

I have a filled up

space with an empty


I have an empty mind.

Not even my mind comforts

my needs.

I don’t have love

that’s worth singing about.

It feels blank.

And it’s lonely.

I imagine my chest


I don’t want to depend on

someone to feel full.

I would still feel the

cleared out space.

I want a reason to dance.

Instead I’m still.

Staring expressionless

with the music running

to my ears.

It keeps me motionless.

Statue made of life.

I won’t move and

it breaks me.

It happens when I’m alone.

When I can’t hide the fact

that I’m loveless.

I want to be opened and read.

Taste fingertips and meet glances.

I know I can’t have it.

It leaves me on pause.

I refuse to keep playing.

But the melody is still going

and I’m left behind.

Now I am just so lonely.

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