Don’t Ask Me To Not Write About You.

I don’t understand others who do things that they are ashamed of. I don’t understand how someone could do something and feel so ashamed when I write about the situation. They don’t want what they do posted on the internet. They want it to stay in the dark so that it is still acceptable for them to act the way they do towards themselves and others. They don’t like that their actions can be read about by people.

If you think that it is okay to hurt me, then I don’t see why you would regret doing it. If others know about what happened, it doesn’t change anything. Maybe the fact that you know you are doing something wrong is more prominent. If so why would you act that way in the first place? Do things that you think are acceptable to do in front of the world or in front of the people you look up to.

Know this, I write the truth about how I am feeling and the truth about what has happened to me. I will not stop doing this because you don’t want people to know your actions towards me. I will write about what I think should be shared. It is not about you and the things you have done. What I write is about how I feel in the situation and how I choose to deal with the situation. It’s so that people can see that they are not alone in in life and that others deal with crazy things too.

I never share names. That is my respect towards you. But what ever you do and what ever I do, will be written with no false or exaggerated information. I do this for a reason and nothing will change my mind.

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