All the love she 

Receives is in


From people she’s 

Heard of but 

Never has been

Turned on by.

And it has never

Quenched only 


Mattered for the 


She try’s to stretch 

It for a lifetime

But she ends up 


One more post,

A tiny bit more 


Sell it.

Skin for what you

Call love. 

More lust, more secret, more sex.

Love me because I can’t.

Love me because I need

It now. 

Now she doesn’t know 

What love is.

She needs what lust gives away.

And it doesn’t cost her 


Parcels of her are missing.

Empty, concave. 

No longer treated 

as human and 

No longer virgin. 

Now, no longer wanted.

She locks her room

To shut the world out.

But can’t shut her mind up.

His word her conscience.

But she finally hears,

“Just let it all go.”


She’s broken.

On the floor with

Black eyeliner dripping 

In her eyes, “I want love.”

She selfishly prays,

“Give me love.”

She knows how to get it

But won’t give up her


“Just Give me love.”

She breathes.

Hears her heart rapidly 


“Fine, i believe.”

She shutdown, thinking of 

The words she spoke.

Her face hits wooden floor.

“I believe, please change me.”

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