Perfect Profiles

b56f00_b34c17017322467eba33c564835f519e-jpg_srz_813_542_85_22_0-50_1-20_0I can’t stand being on my phone anymore. All the notifications I get are from people who don’t speak to me. We have common interests and we laugh at the same things. But all I know is mys side of the screen. I know that I am terrified to start a conversation, I’m alone in my bed, and the only real contact I get is that “like” or “share”. I know that this is how the world works now but I never chose this. If I could go outside I would look into your eyes and get to know you and memorize everything you would tell me. Speech is the one thing I miss. I type and type with no end but I have no real connection with anyone around me. Yet, I’ll take it over no contact whatsoever.

If we want to live in a world with technology, then we need to learn how to be personal over the internet. We are all so closed off from one another and we crave human affection. How can my laptop give me any connection other than with the WiFi? I get the whole online dating scene but its used for fake connection and personal pleasure. We have become so selfish; with selfies, perfect profiles, and quiz’s that tell you all about you. I am guilty of all of these things. We do what needs to be done to get as many likes, comments, and shares as possible. If we don’t get as many as we hoped it truly hurts us. So we take the post down and try again.

Everyone knows how unperfect we are. Yet, we have to make it seem like our life is the picture of flawlessness. Why, so the haters don’t have something to hurt your reputation with? There is nothing in this world that someone else hasn’t gone through. So why do we judge others or hide everything when we can help one another? We could change so many peoples lives if we were honest with the people around us instead of posting lies. Of course there are going to be people who are rude and out of line but there are also going to be some great people who would love to be there for us. We could help others come clean about the demons they deal with but there will always be that one ignorant person who thinks its their job to type on their keyboard.

We are so empty. I see it in a few people around me. I try to be different by opening up my private thoughts and feelings. I write them all down here. I come up with a topic and just keep talking about my personal opinion. People are too afraid these days or they get very offended. So they take it to Facebook. People have so much rage when they are personally tied to a topic. Yet they refuse to talk openly about why they truly feel the way they do. They also seem to forget that others have the right to have their own opinions.(As long as those opinions don’t start to take away the rights of others.) We fight about the smallest issues and type people the most horrendous things because of who they are, claim to be, or their beliefs. Behind a screen we have the confidence to say the things we would never say in person. We have to remember, the internet comes with great responsibility and requires kindness.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This is one of the greatest lies I have ever been told. Words can be one of the most influential pieces in moving peoples hearts and changing peoples minds. How do you think Hitler came to power and was able to murder 6 million people? He was able to pull off a genocide mainly based on his ability to use words. We are so unattached when we are online that when we type out our words, we don’t think about the person/people reading on the other side. We forget about our character because it says our name is anonymous. Some don’t even care if their name is stamped beside their words. They don’t care about the possibilities: Depression, cutting, suicide. The brokenness they cause because of their underestimated influence.

Why are we so afraid? Even the ones who cyber-bully are afraid so they push everyone away in the most cowardly way possible. Is it because now the word have a face? The real world is not that terrifying! So what that guy rejected you, go on to the next guy who is worth your time. She cheated on you? Dump her, eat some ice cream, and grow stronger again. Not grow harder to the world. Not everyone is the same because that would be impossible. Put your phones down and go on a terrible date. You can go meet up with your Besties later and laugh all about it. Experience life with your eyes and hands, not with your phone or camera lens. Even use social media to make friends with the people you are “friends” with on Facebook. I’ll do it if you do, so what do you say?

7 thoughts on “Perfect Profiles

  1. Wonderful blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News.

    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!
    Thank you


    1. WOW! I was listed on yahoo news? I had no idea until you told me! Well I guess if you have your content be honest and from the heart. Also never go with the first draft. I read my content to my family over and over before I publish. Good Luck!


  2. I am curious to find out what blog system you happen to
    be using? I’m having some minor security issues with my latest blog
    and I’d like to find something more safe. Do you have any


    1. I’m so sorry that you are having these issues! I am on wordpress.com. I do believe we are using the same blog system. But if you want, I hear that wix.com is very good as well.


  3. Good Morning! Just wanted to encourage you to keep on writing and putting it out there for the world to experience. As you share your truth you will connect with others who find your words resonating within their soul. You will become the voice which identifies and clarifies the inner turmoil they are aware of but have no words to describe. In the infamous words of my youngest grandson, “Good job grandma!”

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