Choose A Path 

It’s hard to watch the people you love choose a path that leads to pain or failure. To see them choose not to grow and better themselves. I see potential and see how amazing and beautiful someone can be but they refuse to put in the work or open their mind to get there. I have to remember that I can’t force growth onto people. That I have to love them even if they choose the wrong paths. It’s selfish of me to try to push people to work on things that they don’t want to accept. I realize that I do it because I’m afraid of being alone and not able to progress with someone. I also see the way that the people I love are changing and I see the things that influence them. I also see how easy lying, avoiding, and profanity is becoming to them. It’s slowly spreading like fungus and mold. It has hurt me and many people around them. There is nothing I can say that can stop it. “Sometimes you have to let people fail.” My mom advises me. How do you watch someone fail? How do you watch someone turn into a completely different person? All because they don’t want to lose the things that can be easily lost. Foolish to think that a person can put their faith and hope in someone or something that can easily be lost. I guess one might find it more appealing than a God that never leaves or changes. Especially to someone who loathes any type of control. But which path has true freedom? It all breaks me and makes it harder to control my tongue. And how do I love them? Do I support their path even if I disagree or do I continue to say my mind? I can only argue so many times. My heart can only take so much and it’s scared that they will never come back. How do I continue to love someone who doesn’t resemble the person who I grew to love in the first place? I’ll try not to become furious. I’ll try to express my emotions. All I hope is that they don’t wonder down too far and then one day I wonder what happened to the friendship we once had.

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