I’ll Get Away With It


Okay guys, this is going to be a post on a very heated topic. Since we have so much controversy about our new president Trump because of this topic, I will not talk about anything political. I will however share my opinion on the topic. The topic is white privilege. Is white privilege real? Absolutely. And that’s because of how we treat each other and stereotyping. For example, when Brock turner was accused of rape, they knew he was guilty of raping that woman who was passed out behind the trash can. There were 2 witnesses. He was charged with 3 counts of felony sexual assault and the convictions carried a potential sentence of 14 years in prison with a minimum of 2 years. Yet he was sentenced with six months confinement in the Santa Clara County jail to be followed by three years of probation. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender and participate in a sex offender rehabilitation program. But, after three months of his sentence he was released. If this man was a minority, he would have been punished much more severely. And there are similar cases to prove this point. For example, the same judge had a very similar case to Turners with Raul Ramirez. Unlike Turner, Ramirez admitted to sexually assaulting his female roommate. He will be sentenced to three years in state prison under a deal overseen by judge Aaron Persky. “What’s happened with Mr Ramirez is standard,” said Alexander Cross, “The anomaly is the Stanford case.”

I want to make it clear that I am a white female. I am also a minority but it doesn’t show on my skin. I want you all to know that just because we are privileged it doesn’t mean that we don’t work for the things that we have. That is not what minority’s are trying to say. They are trying to say that we can get away with more than we should. It’s my belief that white heterosexual males have the most privilege. They have less to worry about then every one else. They don’t have to worry about the fact that they are being paid less then someone else that’s doing the same job as them, they don’t get scared of the cops when they just pull them over for a broken taillight, and they don’t have to worry about getting beat to death in some ally because of who they are attracted to. This is privilege. And there is nothing wrong with having it. Every one should have those privileges. But we need to acknowledge that we have them because of the paleness of our skin and that so many others don’t, and should, because they have a different skin color. We also need to acknowledge that everyone should have the right to protest. When you see people say “Black Lives Matter” they aren’t telling you that every one else doesn’t matter. Their website clarifies what they believe, “Black Lives Matter is an ideological and political intervention in a world where Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise. It is an affirmation of Black folks’ contributions to this society, our humanity, and our resilience in the face of deadly oppression.” The emphasize love and empathy and they celebrate diversity. Let’s be honest, white people already matter and we have mattered for generations. They are tired of being treated the way they are. It’s time we make everyone matter as well.

You ask me, “What about all the violence? And everyone killing each other?” I do not believe in violence. I believe that everyone should love one another, but we live in a sinful world. Minority’s are angry with the way that they have been continually been treated. Anger can turn to violence in seconds. With police shooting people unjustly, if it’s because of skin color, stereotyping, or just fear of losing their life, people have been calling for justice for their loved ones. For example, the shooting of Walter Scott. Scott was pulled over for a non functioning break light. The cop was charged with murder after a video was published showing him shooting Scott from behind while he was fleeing. There is a website following police violence due to skin color and it provides facts, statistics, and cases that still need justice. (Link below) Does this excuse violence towards cops? Not at all. Cops are here to serve and protect. We also have to remember that they are humans too. But I do think that things need to change. Privilege should be what we are striving for for every individual. And it should be a mind set.

If you are a white heterosexual male or female, please be open minded. I know many people who refuse to know what white privilege is or educate themselves on what is happening to minority’s in this country. It’s been called media propaganda to my face. Please choose to love and not hate, choose to learn and accept that this is happening and has been happening for generations and that it is wrong. We as white people don’t have to worry about people attacking us because of who we are. As someone who is Jewish by blood, I have been verbally attacked on multiple occasions because I was Jewish. I have had people not care about what happened in the holocaust and that terrifies me. I have had people tell me that they don’t care about the damage that was done during that time. And I have seen tolerance for the hate and actions of that time. All of these people were white. I’m not saying only white people are like this but it has been my experience. Please be more than our stereotype. Use your white privilege to end white privilege. Because we can do a lot of hateful things, and we will get away with it.
Mapping Police Violence
Turner v. Ramirez
People v. Turner facts wiki
Black Lives Matter website

One thought on “I’ll Get Away With It

  1. Great article. Keep writing and sharing. You will open the eyes of a few. Others will still be blind, but the goal is to keep talking and writing.


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