How Do We Talk About Sin?


Something that I have noticed while being a Christian is that talking about our wants and desires, that’s are sinful, are a huge problem. Which surprises me since saying that we are Christians means that we know we are sinners. Keeping them hidden causes them to have control over us and our actions. I understand the shame and guilt that comes with sin and I understand how that keeps us from talking. What I don’t understand is when someone is talking about their sin, they are shamed even more or told to stop talking about it. I find this to be more evident in younger people. Probably because I had it happen to me. I was a freshman in high school and was acting out. My mom kept making me go to youth group so I would have some guidance. At a sleepover with my small group, I talked to the girls about me being attracted to women. At this time I was going through the trauma of being molested and having a girl manipulate me into sex. The conversation was short and we moved on. The next time I was at small group I was told not to talk about it again. Granted I was talking to girls that were not mature enough to handle what I was talking about but I also was not referred to a leader in the church so that I could talk about what was going on with me. I was told to not speak about it. That day I believe the devil won. The devil wants us not to talk about what’s going on, he wants us to think that we are all alone in our suffering. God says that there is nothing on this earth that someone hasn’t been through and I’m not the only person that has been through it. Even Jesus was tempted by these things. We keep saying that children shouldn’t be exposed to all of the bad in this world but in my opinion, they should be educated. To be honest, I was already exposed to the evils of this world before I knew what the word evil meant. We need to let people have a voice. We also need to love one another despite what people are struggling with and despite their sins. Sin and evil can’t thrive in the light, so why, as Christians, are we keeping them in the dark?

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