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A Letter of Forgiveness 

It has been some time now, 7 years to be exact. 7 years and I still cannot forget what happened that night. Some how I can’t remember what you looked like. You are probably so different now. I wonder if I saw you in a crowd that I would recognize you. You are the man that took my innocence, the man who molested me. In my heart, I know it’s time to move forward, but I don’t want anyone to forget what a horrible thing you did to me. I can’t find a medium.

I don’t want what you did to me to dictate my life decisions. You made me feel such fear and part of me wants you to pay. The other part hopes that you find God and never hurt anyone else. That you would be healed by Him like I hope to be. In Gods eyes we are all equal in sin and I know I am no better than you. I pray that you have learned from what you have done to me and haven’t hurt anyone else. I also pray that you find peace and love through God like I have. I find myself still working through the anger I have, but I hate the sin and have come to show love to the sinner. Mel, I forgive you and I hope you can forgive me for having such hatred towards you for so long.

Psalms 65:3

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