Chronic illness

High and Pain Free

As I live my daily life, it’s hard not to be upset because of how much my pain limits me. I constantly cancel plans, miss school, and get stuck in bed. My bed was so lived in that I had to get a new one because of how big of a dent the old one had. Moving is always a guessing game. If I move this much how long will I be in bed for? I tried the narcos and my pain was still there or it made me pass out. I know one person is going to ask this question, “Why don’t you take an Advil?” Well to answer that, I’m allergic to NSAIDs. So basically every pain reliever that isn’t Tylenol. So I’m screwed right? Wrong.

I was accepted on the medical marijuana program in my state. Once I tried what was provided to me, my pain seemed to melt away in less than 20 minutes. Granted I wasn’t used to it yet so I did feel high but I was finally pain free. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but if the government is getting this type of feedback why isn’t it legal? I know that there are so many people that could use this type of relief. We are forced to take all of these medications that give us unwanted side effects. I get that there are people against it. But to those people, I have never felt this good in 6 years. Years I have been in bed or in hospitals. Depressed because I couldn’t enjoy time out with friends. Now I have hope that I can have the life that was never on the table for me. I am so overjoyed. I thought I died when the pain went away. I could never imagine a life with out pain, and now I can.

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